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Just a reminder that if you have not yet turned in your membership form and dues for 2019-2020, please do so.  You can drop off your forms and payment in the CAIA membership box on the front porch of 9 Beach Road.

Beach keys - if you already have beach keys from last year, you will NOT need to bring them to be re-programmed.  We have finally joined the 21st century, and we can now re-program all of the keys remotely.  So your keys will automatically be updated for you.  If you need any additional keys (beyond the original two that come with your membership), you may purchase them for $10 each.
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Garden Club

The first meeting of the Garden Club for this year will be on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 pm at 115 Giddings Ave. This is an important meeting as we will be signing up for tending the various gardens in the neighborhood as well as the two planters at the beach. There are men & women in our group so any resident is more than welcome to join us and find out how we work together to beautify our neighborhood. Refreshments will be served. Call Carolyn Smith at 443-989-8005 if you have any questions.

President's Article

Now that we have all acclimated to Daylight Savings Time, I have noticed an increased presence of residents up and down Giddings Ave.  Whether it is walking the family hound or taking a much needed walk in our neighborhood, many of us are certainly taking advantage of the nicer weather patterns. So, as many of us commute to and from work, please consider the additional foot traffic and adjust your speed accordingly for the jogger, the bike rider and the pet walker.
Speaking of pet walkers.... a few emails came along my way about some leftover ..... shall I say 'pet reminders' in a few of our front yards.  So a friendly reminder to remember those plastic doggie bags on your walks and thus everyone will be happy.

We have put some additional development efforts into our Cape Arthur Community Facebook account (more in detail from Lauren Garber below). It is our desire that this social media platform will enhance communications for neighborhood activities and social interaction.  We'll still continue with the Shout-Outs for those who rely on emails as your preferred mode of communication.  And for those of you who still yearn for the past and want a tangible sheet of paper to read... well, we are working on this as well.  Send me a message if you want to be on the 'paper trail' or if you know someone who would benefit from this approach as well.  Jerry Nester has graciously volunteered to deliver these paper products for those who sign up.



Brian Johnson

CAIA President



Cape Arthur