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I hope that everyone enjoyed the summer. It was great to see so many families, neighbors, and friends gathering at the beach. Our community assets may anchor our community, but the volunteerism and esprit de corps truly define our community. Please enjoy the balance of the summer and the on set of Fall.

Reminder: School starts on Sept. 5 for most students, so please be mindful of our children walking and riding through our neighborhood streets. Cape Arthur has a lot of children and students; in fact, thirty children will gather at a single bus stop.

We just had our first teen party at the beach since 2004 which was very well attended. I think most residents would agree with me that we have the coolest, best
behaved tweens and teens in all of Severna Park.  Attending socials is an ideal way to enjoy your neighbors and get to know some folks you've not met yet. We still have two great events upcoming, Movie Night and The Crab Feast. On the heels of another fun and successful neighborhood Olympics, we agreed to invite our Olympic partners, North Cape Arthur, to attend the Crab
Feast. Our communities have a lot in common, many join the NCA pool, and together we create a great swim team. I look forward to having a great event to commemorate the Summer of 2017!

Lastly, in October, we will hold elections for our community board. We have many positions open for the elections, and we seek interested community members to join us. If you are interested, please email the board and we will brief you on the options. Let's continue to make Cape Arthur a great place to live.

Tom Kearney, President

Upcoming Events

October 17-Garden Club Meeting: Home of Tim Cur ry, 21 Sunset Drive

October 24-CAIA Community Meeting at 7 p.m.-Folger McKinsey Cafeteria


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