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Just a note - if you have not paid your 2019-2020 dues, your beach keys have now been de-activated.  If you still need to pay your dues, contact





Garden Club

Members will gather at the beach on Tuesday, July 16 at 7 pm for our monthly meeting and to enjoy a cook-out. Bring your own beverage. New members are always welcome.

Important Dates

July 10-CAIA Board Meeting-Cape Arthur Beach-7 p.m.

President's Article

I grew up in a small farm town in western Ohio surrounded by endless acres of corn & wheat fields.  My 'downtown' area consisted of one street light, one Savings and Loan (kinda like a bank) and contrary to Severna Park standards, just one ice cream parlor.  Yes, life certainly was basic and in many ways resembled the movie Footloose... without Kevin Bacon or the over abundance of plaid shirts or ridiculously good dancers.
Fast forward a few decades and now I'm living in an awesome community hugging water from all directions, within a stone's throw to three grocery stores, eight pizza joints, four community pools, banks galore and of course four different ice cream shoppes.  Yes, life certainly has been upgraded.
But sometimes one needs to be reminded of such obvious perks.  Case in point, I have a brother who visited this past Memorial Day Weekend. As we biked around the area he kept pointing out how cool the neighborhood was.  As we kayaked up the inlets, he remarked about the amazing houses that lined the shore. As we soaked in the sun at the beach he commented about the amazing views of the water and of the boats that sailed up the channel.
It was nice to hear the compliments but truth be told, I didn't really need to be reminded of these community assets as I know them all to well. To be honest, I just like showing off Cape Arthur.
I'm sure that I'm not alone.
Brian Johnson




Cape Arthur