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Just a reminder that if you have not yet turned in your membership form and dues for 2019-2020, please do so.  You can drop off your forms and payment in the CAIA membership box on the front porch of 9 Beach Road.

Beach keys - if you already have beach keys from last year, you will NOT need to bring them to be re-programmed.  We have finally joined the 21st century, and we can now re-program all of the keys remotely.  So your keys will automatically be updated for you.  If you need any additional keys (beyond the original two that come with your membership), you may purchase them for $10 each.
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Garden Club

The members of the Garden Club will gather down at our beach on Tuesday, May 21 at 7 pm. Bring your own beverage (no glass containers). We will be discussing the new plants that we will be planting at the entrance signs as well as the two containers at the beach. We will be creating a schedule for watering the new plants, plant sharing and our annual upcoming garden tour. Refreshments will be served. Anyone in our community is welcome to join us.

Important Dates

May 14-CAIA Board Meeting-Folger SACC room-7 p.m.

President's Article

Looks like we are down to the final month of school for our resident youths.  Soon they will be out and about at the playground, the beach, neighborhood pools all while the adults spend quality time at work in front of a computer.  Ah the joys of being a grownup.  No time for fun but at least we have a decent 401(k).

Speaking of lack of time, perhaps it may be a good time to check out the potential helpers in the 'Classified' section of the Capers.  Might just make your precious summer days a little bit easier.


Brian Johnson

CAIA President



Tree/Bush Trimming

Since the Summer is approaching and the weather is warmer, we are starting to see a lot more pedestrian traffic. Can everyone please check around your property to make sure that bushes along the road are short enough for cars to see pedestrians?


Cape Arthur